We all long to dream, create, communicate and educate.

We get moved by much .. our senses either trick us or truly affirm us. Being in a world full of despair and Hope, pain and pleasure, destiny and senseless existence … we look up to the stars, look into the eyes of those around us ad try to keep on asking the question why all this? and why me?

I’ve always been a dreamer (remember my name is joseph), I passionately create, communicate and educate. Knowing our sense of being and our sense of belonging … is like being at peace and everything around us makes complete sense. Our imagination has no limits when we know our Raison D’etre. Being a part of created universe can only then 

unleash beauty, value, purpose and ultimately a deep sense of knowing “I am created … therefore I create”.

Beauty and freedom is existential and catalytical to the “why? we are  have become innovators, creators and developers”.Our hearts are simple yet capable of so much more, and our mind is hungry yet we can learn without ceasing. we long to discover that which is dormant and longing to be found.

I can offer to help you interpret your dream(s), co-create with you and communicate your services, your products and the message you have. Only to make sure we continue fulfilling our purpose.  Along this journey  mentoring and coaching  become essential to long term successes..


Starting with a blank page or an empty canvas has never been a challenge.  A dreamer i have always been and will remain. Ideas can come in abundance, but its not just that aspect that i so appreciate but the fact that true imagination sparks a smile, a joy that will enlighten ones soul and mind in helping solve a communication problem . When it serves an individual or an audience its then when you know that the invisible was made visible and the impossible possible! I thrive at the possibilities, I rejoice in looking at the steps that can result in practical and objective results that make life at large worth every while.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
A. Einstein



We are communicative beings. Created to input and output, the only beings that have the capacity to learn language and develop it. Communication is so clearly desired that in the last hundred years we have had  a galore of communication technologies that have revolutionized the way we live and communicate. We live int he communication age. We cant imagine life anymore without print, radio, television and the web … and now all of us will soon be able to take these with us wherever we go.

Now why I love communicating … coz at its best, excellence in communication will inspire, clarify, educate, encourage, surprise and affirm, only to mention a few of what communication can do. We are curious being and thus desire input as much as we desire to share and inform.


Education is where we discover the horizon.

I did like school but i never thought I would end enjoying teaching. The best part for me is when you see eyes and smiles and hearts burning for something you know was there, but giving it wings and allowing the dream to become a reality.




The counsel of many is wisdom

Innovation, Progress and growth lies often in the extent of our ability to learn. We cannot learn all things but we can gather counsel. Counsel or consulting is what everyone needs when embarking on new frontiers.